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Disney Marathon Weekend

Hot Chic Sports skirts were seen being worn throughout the Disney Marathon Weekend in January. From the Expo to the many races, Hot Chic was everywhere! The Skinny Zebra was the favorite among many. Here is a quote from an athlete that ran the Goofy Challenge & wore her Skinny Zebra for the 26.2 mile run on Sunday. “I must say this was the most comfortable running apparel I own!!! Every time I run in shorts, I chafe, so I was excited to give this a try! It worked PERFECT, plus it’s so cute! Got so many compliments” says Cristina Smy.

Hot Chic Sports Skirt Report

Read what one professional triathlete reported on *HIS* Hot Chic Sports skirt product test:

Hot Chic Sports Skirt Report

By John Hovius, Owner of AAA Tri Camp, Coach AAA Tri Team

As a PRO triathlete for the past 22 years I have done a lot of Clothing & Equipment testing, but nothing compares to testing a skirt in a Triathlon. I was given a Hot Chic Sports skirt by a Hot Chic Sports LLC owner Meredith Rosser to test out in a Triathlon, so that is exactly what I did.

All Triathlons start with the early morning wake up and drive to the race, so why not do it in the skirt you will be racing in later. On the two hour drive there were no problems at all, the skirt was very comfortable, I did learn that you have to be aware of where the skirt is sitting at all times, but I guess you learn this as a 8 year old girl & not a 42 year old male.

The pre-race registration went well in the skirt, I did however have a lot of people looking at me, I just put it down to such a great looking skirt. It was comfortable and no need to change anything while getting ready for the race.

The water was very cold so I had to wear a wetsuit over the skirt, which caused no problems at all. I had tested the skirt in the pool and found it caused no more drag than a low grade TRI Suit, probably about 10 seconds off a Sprint swim time. During the swim, I had no idea that I was still wearing the skirt, it was performing perfectly.

In T1, I quickly removed the wetsuit with the skirt causing no problems at all. I mounted the bike with no hassles and rode off. The skirt performed perfectly on the bike, with nil restrictions and no aero issues, with speeds around the 26 MPH. Please note, I personally train with shorts with no padding, so a 25 mile ride in this skirt caused no problems. Unfortunately this is where the race test finished due to getting lost on the bike; luckily I had done a lot of Skirt Testing leading into this race.

Dismounting in a skirt was easy; I did this about 6 times before deciding wearing a skirt was not a factor in my flying dismounts. Running was just like running in any suit, speedo or shorts, there were no performance issues. Relaxing after the race in the skirt would have been very practical, apart from the fact that I am a male and males in skirts always seem to get looks!

In summary I would race again in one of these Hot Chic Sports skirts from a performance view, maybe not from a social view. I could not fault racing in the skirt at all, it will not slow you down in all four sports of a triathlon.